What Our Clients Say...

"On a needs' scale, Body Architecture has moved personal training from a luxury to a staple of our family life. Small enough to remain personal but big enough to hold all the equipment anyone sensibly needs, the gym space is just right and so convenient right next to Battersea Bridge. But, great though the space is, the standout is the quality of the tight crew of personal trainers. They understand the complexities of the human form and design fitness programmes that are challenging, fun and varied but ever sensitive to our different goals and the occasional obstacles that life puts in our way. No supermarket gym can ever provide this bespoke service. As a bonus, the Body Architecture team is all so friendly and welcoming. Truly, Body Architecture is our 'home from home' gym."

Andrew Harting - Chief Executive HWM Aston Martin
"Venetia is the perfect person if you are looking for results, not only because her knowledge is second to none, but her sessions are always different and enjoyable. Her personality is infectious and the hour just flies by. Every goal that I set has been met, and we are constantly setting new targets which she motivates me to achieve. I really look forward to my Monday session with Venetia, it’s the perfect way to start the week."

Clare H
"After working out on my own for 20 years I booked 10 sessions to try and shake things up (and if I am honest steal new ideas!). Since I thought I was in reasonable shape I was a little sceptical about Personal Training. Within 5 sessions I was hooked. Stewart has a unique blend of training styles that come together to create sessions that are stimulating and most important fun. No two sessions are the same and every minute is maximised. I am now in the best shape of my life- which is not bad for a man approaching 60!"

Paul L
"I have been going to Body Architecture for over 4 years now, and I keep going because they tailor a plan that suits specific needs-and constantly update it. It’s never boring and there’s always clear and objective feedback on my performance against my plan. I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have- despite getting older every year!"

Sarah D
"The team at Body Architecture are truly supportive of a total approach to diet, training and physiotherapy. I have tried numerous trainers but always tired of the repetitive nature of training. In contrast all my sessions at Body Architecture are varied, challenging and above all fun! I cannot recommend these guys enough."

Andrew B
"Having never been a gym person I was quite nervous the first time I went for my free trial session. I needn’t have been. Stewart immediately put me at ease with his calm and reassuring approach. I have been training with Stewart now for 3 years and look forward to every session! Stewart was ideal for a ‘first timer’ like me."

Oliver B
"I have been training at Body Architecture for over 5 years. The environment is perfect for focusing on your targets. I really enjoy my sessions and that’s what keeps me coming back. It’s the first time that I’ve found something that works for me. The guys are fun, flexible and work hard to keep me motivated. And that’s what keeps me coming back. I’d highly recommend them."

Clare D
"As someone who has managed to avoid exercise for over 40 years I was slightly annoyed when my doctor told me I needed to lose some weight. My wife ‘kindly’ bought me some sessions at Body Architecture which after much persuading I eventually took up. After a few ‘false starts’ I started getting into a regular routine with Rob. The first few weeks were a bit of a struggle, but as the weight started to come off I found myself actually looking forward to the sessions. Two stones later and my whole outlook has changed. My family cannot believe the transformation in both my appearance and my new found enthusiasm to exercise."

Jonathan T
"I have been training with Stuart, in Battersea for over 6 months now and quickly noticed a change in my body shape with more definition in my arms and a big reduction in my waist size. I have worked with many trainers over the years and was so impressed immediately with his training methods. His sessions are never the same so always keep you motivated and I love training with him at Body Architecture."

Sarah Dewey

Why Body Architecture?

BODY ARCHITECTURE – the Personal Training Centre for people who don't "do gyms"

Established in Battersea since 1999 offering Personal Training   Physiotherapy alongside a range of many other health   well-being services provided within an exclusive, private environment. A personalised service that will ensure you achieve the maximum result in the minimum time.

- No Monthly Membership
- No more than 3 clients training at any one time
- All clients work on a one-to-one basis
- On-site physiotherapist
- The ideal environment to achieve your goals

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Body Architecture

Welcome to South-West London’s most exclusive personal fitness training and therapy centre, located in stunningly designed Albion Riverside on the banks of the Thames. Providing Personal Training, Physiotherapy and Nutrition Services in Battersea, Chelsea, Clapham, SW11 and SW3