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Have you ever thought of doing something for yourself and others but were put off because you knew what it was you wanted to do, yet felt that you didn’t have the tools to achieve it?.


Knowing that you had a vision of the goals A-Z,  but didn’t know how to get from A-B.  Fear of the unknown is often what prevents us from making a move that might just make our lives that bit better.


As personal trainers we speak from experience from when we say this is a common factor, when we question new clients about their motivations for coming to see us.  They know roughly what they want but really didn’t know how to start.  Just by asking a few basic questions we establish their true motivations.


Establish a clear vision of what you want from the start, if that changes you can always adapt the approach.


The questions we ask are not entirely for our benefit, they often have the effect of making the client think and subsequently understand what it is they really want. It’s the first, and pretty crucial stage, in the process that really allows us to give the guidance they truly seek.


It’s still entirely possible to apply these questions and principles without someone asking them of you. You just have to be as honest as you can with yourself.  Here are few examples of questions we might ask in no particular order.


  1. Did you enjoy the last exercise you took or was it a chore?
  2. If you could pick the top three things you would like to get from exercise what would they be? (think carefully about this one and try not to give generic answers, remember it’s about you)
  3. Are you doing this under duress. Is someone close pressuring you to change?
  4. What do want to see when you look in the mirror?
  5. What is your understanding of balanced nutrition? (it’s okay to admit you don’t really have one, that’s what education is for!)
  6. How much time can I realistically devout to this?


Plan your exercise ahead, a week at a time. By knowing when you are going to exercise because you’ve made time for it will mean that there is far less likelihood of you putting it off to a day that never comes!


Understand what it is you really want.


Understand what it will really take to get you there.


And finally designate the time to do it!


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