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Notwithstanding the completely unforeseen, we do have an element of control and a certain level of personal responsibility with regard to our future health.  The problem is we often take it for granted.


It’s not difficult to be blinded by our own day to day responsibilities.  Our duties to others, for example work and family, dominate our waking hours to the point that we may merely end up existing just so we can fulfil these obligations.  This can lead to a form of unconscious personal neglect:   grabbing food regardless of its nutritional value, because it fills the immediate need;  little or no exercise since you were in your 20’s; sedentary work environments; or a taxi service for your children perhaps.  And, just maybe a little too much alcohol to help you ‘relax’?


Like it or not there comes a point(let’s call it Mid-Life – I’ll let you decide when that is) when you realise that the accumulation of all or some of these things have taken their toll. The sideways glance in the mirror reveals a look you are not familiar with or indeed fond of.  Your doctor says your cholesterol is up a point or two and at this rate statins are in your near future.


Should you be this out of breath as you ascend the escalators one step at a time?


It’s these little indicators that bring us to ‘the fork in the road‘. The point at which it’s time to make a choice about the route we wish to take with our future health.


Do we accept that this decline is inevitable and we are comfortable with that or do we arrest and attempt to reverse it.  If you’ve chosen the former then carry on as you are, you have already made a start on your chosen route and continuing requires no adaption.  If, however you choose the latter then what is your plan to change?  You are certainly going to need one, and one that you can live with.


It’s at this point that informed guidance is crucial. Putting on a T-shirt and shorts and running round the block isn’t really going to cut it.  Joining a gym and wandering aimlessly looking at all the nice equipment without really knowing what to do with it… well that won’t help either!


Not forgetting that nutrition is going to be an enormous factor in your progress or otherwise.


First check with a health professional and tell them what it is you want to do.  As well as making sure it’s safe for you they may also have a few ideas to get you going.  Consider getting a Personal Trainer even if it’s just to get you started, (


And above all have a plan. Here’s a link to one of our other blogs that might just help.

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